Coping with Being Lonely

Coping with being lonely.  Ask best free agony aunt online advice. This feeling can strike anyone at any age, and it is horrible.   It leads to misery, makes you feel unloved and can lead to serious depression.  A leading ask agony aunts, the most popular of all the agony aunts explains on her free problem pages.  Consult our leader now with a 1 2 1 or use our free blackboard centre or our other counselling pages. Our agony aunt is Charlotte Craig. We are always seeking the best people to join her team of junior advisors. People who are smart and reliable to work online. Some of our clients come here for free advice others, most of them, realise they need more, the best, and pay to consult an agony aunt for advice through our site.


Being lonely does not necessarily mean you are alone.  There are people who live with a partner or large family who know how it is to be feeling this  simply because there is no closeness with them, no bond, nothing emotional and intense or caring.  Sometimes this can feel worse than actually being on your own because you cannot do what you want when you want.  At least someone who lives alone can sit and cry if they feel awful,   ring someone for some support, go for a refreshing walk or lose themselves in a book without having the constant attention of others. Being lonely is hard, coping with being lonely is not needed if you put your mind to curing the problem. You may be able to do this fully or opartly but anything is better than nothing.


You need to learn how to be coping whilst you also make sure that you rectify the situation.Take your feelings seriously. Human contact is crucial. Don't try to tell yourself it's not important to have friends. If you want to be in love but feel it is impossible to find a partner do not give up and do not tell yourself that you should not want this.  If your feelings of being alone are caused by something within YOU where even if you are married with a huge family and friends the feeling is still there. This means that it is not your life or other people that are to blame and you can sort this out by seeing a competent therapist who takes you in hand.


Our social needs are more important than our intellectual and creative needs. If you let your social life end when you quit school then it will not be long before you won't care much about learning and exploring the world. You'll want to get right back to your locker, because Tatiana will be rummaging in her locker next to you. Each of us has to feel a sense of belonging and recognition before we can set out to fulfill "higher" needs such as intellectual achievement.   Being loved by someone matters more than passing an examination or being promoted at work.Coping with being lonely is not necessary if you sort out your social life.  An agony aunt will know that it is not easy to achieve but they are able to achieve. A lot of achievers use computers to try to help with their loneliness. They realise that they have to think outside the box and get comfort from wherever they can. A good agony aunt will know all of the sites and places which are best for them and can advise them on the best places to go.


School provides contact with lots of people. It does not make friends for you, or even provide an environment that is good for making friends. Everyone who goes to school, and everyone who doesn't go to school, has times of emptiness.  Being in a crowd doesn't help.   Remember that when you are at school, college or work  the people there are there for the same reasons as you, not because they want to be with you or like you or love you,sometimes being lonely is more to do with being with the wrong people than being on your own, sometimes coping is more to do with how you see things than how thngs are,  they are only there because of the thing you  have in common with them.


Take responsibility for your social life. Why try to be coping with being lonely when you can cure it?  Make a list of tasks you can carry out in your effort to get a proper group of friends or a social life. This might mean that you join a club or go to church or go to forums online.  You might go to church even though you are not religious just to meet people or to sing. If you have any make a big effort to stay in touch with former friends. If you aren't invited enough, do some inviting. Throw a party, invite someone over for dinner or do something. The more flexible you are the better.  I knew a lady who told me that she was very lonely and desperate to make friends yet when people asked her to meet up she would say she could not because that was the day she did the hoovering and dusting.  She could have easily changed that to the day after, met the friend and got the housework done another day.  Have something to offer.  If you are cheery and tell jokes then you have something to offer.  You are pleasant to be with.  If you are always sitting there with a long face being very quiet or moaning then people will not want to see you again.  They have their own problems and they are looking to find someone or others to make them feel better.   They do not want to become an unpaid therapist to you. If you search online there are sites which are geared to loneliness which you can use for free. People may be acting as if they are happy with no cares but they may hide their problems when socialising. Quitting your old life might make you smarter and happier than you used to be, but it will not make you superior to your friends.   You can beat feeling lonely. It is better than coping with it. Excellent meeting place here.


Coping with being lonely. Ask best free agony aunt online advice.