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Chubby chasers. Ask problem page agony aunt free online. It sounds like a playful term and it is a modern term.  A chubby chaser is usually a guy who prefers to date a large woman.  Each person has a different idea of what chubby means. Some say that a woman who is a size fourteen is, whereas others would say she is just slightly overweight and the female must be at least a size eighteen.   The true chaser usually prefers the female to be bigger than that and there are those who are so keen on the idea that the woman is very much overweight that they encourage  her to put on weight or keep on her extra weight and sometimes try to force them or bully them into it - though that should make you wonder how much they respect and care for the woman because, as we all know, being overweight is very bad for our health and when you truly love someone you would want them to be healthy.


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Some very large ladies rent themselves out and earn their living simply by being chubby.  They set up a business or work for someone who has whereby men pay for them to go to the man's home and sit on their face or roll over them. There is no normal sex such as playing with breasts, penetration or being naked, they simply want to feel the weight of the woman on top of them and get a perverted? sexual thrill from it.  I once knew a woman who did this as a job and her husband who was very skinny) would drive her from  job to job and man to man as her chauffer and body guard.     She really enjoyed it. She did not need an agony aunt! She was sorted. She knew what she wanted and how to get it.  Men go online and find the website she advertises on and pay and she goes over to them. Simple.And it is not really sex, no undressing, nou proper touching or kissing.  But some old fashioned types, maybe an old agony aunt would find it odd or find fault or say they have never heard of it before.


But there are also the males who prefer the obese, overweight or fat women simply because they themselves lack confidence and self esteem and believe that if they make sure their woman remains huge then they do not have to worry about her going off with a more charming, intelligent or attractive male partner.  It is their way of imprisoning her so that she is always theirs.


As men are more visual than women it is usually the guy who seeks out the overweight partner based on looks.

It does happen but it rarely happens where the female is seeking out an overweight man.  It is more likely that a woman chooses her man by other means and then if he is overweight she puts up with it rather than preferring it. Feel free to come online and use our site whenever you wish whether you are a budding agony aunt who needs to find a job online that pays well or a client who needs some free online guidance.


The downside to being with a very much overweight partner must be their health and fitness and perhaps their tremendous and maybe expensive appetite.  They may also find it hard to get clothes that are large enough for them.  There are websites that have been set up specifically to satisfy cravings for overweight people but this can also mean that some women then get addicted to the idea that the more weight they put on the more desirable they are and I have known of a few cases of women who have made it their life's ambition to become as enormous as possible simply to please men and be desired by them.  This can become a total addiction and virtually a mental illness where men look out for large women to feed up and their only thought is to get them fatter and fatter. Some set up special websites where fans can go on there and watch them sitting there talking to them and they can pay online for them to eat a cake or a pie while they watch.  The so called loving partner and the so called fans are only concerned with the lady becoming bigger they never have a thought for her health. Some of these partners manipulate the female into eating more by refusing to speak to her if she does not or rewarding her if she does and, of course, the larger she gets the more she depends on him to bathe her, wash her, help her to get dressed and undressed, sit and talk to her and bring her food so she becomes  like a dependent baby.  The sad thing is that many of these ladies genuinely believe their guys love them when the truth is thta he just wants a huge woman to enjoy and any huge woman would do.  If she was not willing to eat a lot and get bigger and bigger he would lose interest in her.


Just as you have websites for everything else, including for those wishing to become a paid agony aunt - this one. There are websites that are set up especially for this where men with a fetish (perverts?) will pay to watch the women get bigger and bigger. They might pay extra to chat to her or watch her sitting there doing stuff.  These men either do not think about or do not care that it is harmful to the woman's health and she will die young. And the woman is often so naive that she thinks these men are madly in love with HER. They are not. They are in love with a FAT person . They do not care if she loves music, loves the movies,  loves to play soduko. They would not care if she was lonely. They just want  her because of her size and any woman of that size would do.


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