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Cheating man.. by ask advice columnist for free online. Find   out that your guy is lying and has been unfaithful is awful but what if he promises you that he will never do it again?  Is he genuinely sorry? Or is he just sore that he got found out?   But why did he do it in the first place?  If you are grateful that he stays with you and sweep the rest under the carpet then it will probably happen again.  For one thing the cheating man should be grateful if YOU stay with him, if he has been unfaithful.  It should not be a case of you hoping he chooses you.  After all he let you down, he lied to you and he neglected you and the reasons he did it might still be there.  If he did not love you and respect you  enough to be faithful before what has changed? If you then ask him to be faithful he will lie or agree and then change his mind, he knows you will forgive him and are weaker than him, he may go online looking for free casual sex with strangers.


A lot of the people who consult us about their relationships are concerned about their man cheating. But they forget to decide what they will do if this is the case!  They get angry and have a go at their partner but this on it's own is counter productive and makes things far worse, very often there is not turning back after this. Wise people consult Charlotte Craig. You can also use the new online free  blackboard devoted to this subject.. An advice columnist would find it interesting too.The silly women have a go at the mistress or girlfriend as though it was all her fault, as if the cheating man was conned by her or used by her and it was all her idea.


Then we have the scenario of you meeting a guy who has a partner and he will ask you to cheat with you.  He wants to lie to his partner and sneak around to spend time with you.  But  what is in this for you?  If you just want fun you can get an honest and available man for that.  If you want love you can find a man who is totally single and less likely to be devious.  Our dear agony aunts site receives thousands of mails from clients who have been let down and hurt by a cheating man.  They can ask for free online help here but we cannot cancel what has happened.


Everyone has different views, the free online advice columnist has theirs, the amateur advisor has theirs, the advice columnist writes about it the amateur talks about it or gets into these unwise situations and how much they put up with will depend on how lonely they are and how much they rely on the guy but usually women who have a lot of confidence do not forgive an unfaithful guy or take him back.  They would sooner be totally single.  They also would not end up being the bit on the side to a man with a partner.  One guy I chatted to who had a partner and was looking for a secret girlfriend told me that he never ask a woman who are beautiful, never ask one who is very sexy or young because he knows they will just  laugh at him and tell him to get lost.  He will ask women who are older and less attractive because he has more chance they will agree.


The worst type of cheating man is those who are with a partner but pretend they are single.  I have spoken to men who think it is alright to move in with a woman - maybe to even get engaged to her or wed  her - yet still ask to  meet other women as though they are totally single.  Of course, the advice columnist will tell you that if they can get away with it they lie to the women they are meeting but they are saying they are single even if they are living with her and have children with her. When a guy who has a partner asks you to see him he has a cheek but at least if he is being honest you can make an informed decision.  If he pretends to be single or separated then he is trying to lie his way into your bed because he knows that most women would say no to a cheating man with a partner.He wants free sex.  He knows most women would charge a lot for it.  To him it is all about getting it for free. Paying hurts his bank balance and ego.  Many men with a partner seek out women who have a partner as they assume that she also has to be careful about being found out and will not nag him to leave his partner or spend more time with her because  they are too busy with their husband and normal life.  They assume that as they are cheating the women are cheating too. They see spoken for females as fair game. They think these are the ones who are experienced and desperate for more affection / sex.  They see these women as being in the same boat as them.  Spoken for and bored and needing extra fun.  But usually if a female is with someone and she is not happy with them she is more likely to end it rather than stay and play around.   Even if she is tempted she is more likely to be seeking love and protection or an escape rather than just sex.   Their minds and their needs and the opportunities that come their way are totally different to how it is with males.


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