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People come to this site for a variety of reasons.... usually...


* Because they want free advice, they go to the forums, read the articles and get stuck in without it costing them a penny. No other professional

agony aunt offers such a service for free at their own expense.


*  Because they want to consult Charlotte Craig the agony aunt and/or her expert advisors about their problems. They want a 1 2 1 consultation and

they are happy to pay for it with an experienced professional.


*  Because they believe they are smart, reliable, efficient, clued up on situations, relationships and people and good enough to join the team of well

paid expert advisors.  If they decide to go ahead with them, having read all of the information about it on this site, and they are chosen to join the team, they get a very high wage for working part time when it suits them from home simply by reading emails from clients and writing back to them.  But!

This sounds far more simple than it is. It is an enormous responsibility to take a person's problems and upsets and say you will make them better.

Hence,we do not pay peanuts and end up with monkeys we prefer to pay properly and get people who do it well.


So who is she? The owner of this  business and website is a lady who had to leave school aged fifteen with no qualifications whatsoever yet she has been advising people through one to one consultations for over forty years. She worked in the legal field, in a large office of solicitors, earning a guaranteed high wage, holiday and sick pay, and then decided, despite being on her own with no man to support her financially and a huge mortgage to pay that she would give that up and set up her own "practice" selling advice.  People had already started to come to see her, write to her and phone her and she could not keep up working in a very busy full time job plus fitting all of those in too.  People sometimes travel hundreds of miles to meet up with her and get her guidance but most consult her by email and phone.


To begin with she earnt very little and barely kept her head above water but eventually she became more known, people recommended her,

newspapers featured her, celebrities trusted her and after a few years she was employing her own team of hand picked advisors to help her as she

could not keep up with demand on her own.


The typical average advisor will tell you that all you need is to be good with people and have common sense.  With some problems this is true, some problems can be solved purely with wisdom. But it can also take a tremendous amount of knowledge to do this well.  A newcomer to this will wrongly believe that whenever a client writes to them they can research on google to find the answer to the problem. WRONG. A client can research themselves

or pay a proper researcher to do it, they want solutions.  And with some problems you need to be good at understanding things way beyond common sense before you can work out the solution.


Take, for example, a woman who writes because she has found out that her partner is wearing womens' clothing secretary. A typical advisor will be frightened by it or say it is perverted, another one might say she will google it to find out more about it, but a proper advisor would already understand

all the ins and outs of this and not need to guess or research it.  Crossdressers are not gay.  If you need to research it for hours to find that out then

you are in the wrong job.   When a client wants a private email reply to their problem an advisor cannot spend ages googling things, they need to understand and know the core of the problem immediately and then concentrate on the solution.


Take, for example, a gentleman writing to you about a tenant owing them money in back rent.  They do not know what to do. They could pay a lawyer

or solicitor for this advice and it would be expensive.  A good advisor will know the answer, they will not say they have to research it or tell the client

to go to a lawyer. No paying client would be happy to PAY to hear go somewhere else!  A magazine or newspaper would probably send them

a link to a website or suggest the C.A.B. or similar which is fine when they are not paying.


Take, for example, a gentleman who is fed up with his wife because she does not want sex with him. He is old, ugly, fat, bald and saying he is contemplating getting involved in the world of sex and selling sex to much younger women.  He is after sex and money. The amateur and very unskilled and unknowledgeableadvisor will tell him to get a divorce or discuss this with his wife, both would be damaging him by saying this.  The truly ignorant advisor will say it is a good idea., not realising that it is old men who pay young women for sex not vice versa, and he would not be able to run it as any sort of business when he is  married and very much limited with time.  The guys who can get paid for sex are gorgeous young hunks who can be available to go out with a woman when it suits her, who dress very well and drive a great car, they are well spoken and educated. They are a cut above the ordinary. They are not men who have trouble in getting their wife to have sex with them because they are unattractive, old or useless in bed. They

can easily get girlfriends who are young and attractive. Going out with a woman who has to pay for it would be slumming it for them. We recently had someone apply to us for a job on our site advising clients.  They were used to ringing sex chat lines and paying women to chat to them and resented it and begerudged it.  So the wannabee advisor told them to apply for jobs where the women would pay to ring and speak to them instead.  Ignoring the fact that it is ALWAYS men paying women, many women would refuse to do such chats even if paid, let alone where they pay the man.


You see bad advice is often based on ignorance or lack of knowledge, not just a lack of common sense.  Bad advice can damage. We have often read bad advice on the newspaper problem pages but those pages are written to entertain the masses. Our advice is aimed at each individual client who needs a serious, one off response to something which is troubling them. Nobody else reads it. It is private and it is not for entertainment. Giving

someone the wrong advice about their relationship or how to invest or spend their money could be disastrous for them, so we make sure we only hire the very best and most capable of people to work for the clients through this site. Some of the problems can be dealt with by common sense alone

others cannot. A worthy advisor has to be able to cope with either type instantly.  A genuine advisor is a problem solvedr who has been able to solve or prevent their own problems before they have the cheek to ask for money to solve other peoples'.  They are not living in dead, dull boring marraiges unable to work out what to do about it, or scraping by and living on benefits.


Anyone who has been in the business for over forty years is truly dedicated, otherwise they would have retired and relaxed instead of continuing.


Charlotte Craig agony aunt




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