Dreading Easter


My family are all due to come and stay with us for the Easter break That means my mother, father, brother, sister and some of their offspring, brood and even friends!  There will be twelve of them altogether. We have been doing this every year for about ten years and it was fine at first but now I work full time and find it hard to motivate myself to spring clean the whole house, tidy it all up, get their spare rooms ready for them and do lots of cooking and washing up.   When you have been working long hours it just seems like more and more work. Agony aunt questions please do not misunderstand me I do love them very much and enjoy being with them,  but whenever they come to stay for a week I am working non stop and totally worn out at the end of it and then back at work full tiem straight after.


We cannot go and stay with them as they do not have such a big place and no spare rooms so what do I do so that I can see them without being worn out or going mad? Please advise me and guide me on what I ought to do.  I urgently need good advice, suggestions and solutions to my questions.






Boyfriend nags me to Wear Stockings


Please agony aunt questions....My boyfriend, Nigel, is very keen on the idea of stockings, suspenders, basques, garters, high heeled shoes and long wigs.   When it was my birthday he came home with a large carrier bag full of them as though this was the best ever birthday present and I should be jumping for joy.   When, of course, it was really for him.  He says he is adventurous and broadminded and keen to try new things and wants me to experiment with him and dress up for him but it makes me feel dirty.


Now he is bringing home porn films and watching them and saying that as I ama prick teaser and useless as a wife he will go to a massage parlour unless I do what he wants.    He  is even talking about filming me with another man or having men come around to  join in and often says he wants to go to swinging parties and has to take me as men who go alone are not allowed in.  Please guide and advise me on what I should do. I desperately need good advice and guidance.







Agony Aunt questions  is a great page to come to if you fancy yourself as an advice columnist and enjoy the idea of blogging or advising or both.  Please note that each and every one of the queries listed below are written by Charlotte's team of experts and not sent to us by our clients.   These letters are fabricated simply to give you a hobby  and not to be taken seriously but people do write to us about all sorts of problems, usually their relationships or lack of them or how suicidal and lonely they are.


Life can get too serious at times which is one of the reasons we have added these light hearted bits of fun to the advice columnist site.  Some of our clients who pay us for our words of wisdom enjoy a bit of light relief and flick through the many problem pages of this site. They know and we know that they are not keen enough on writing or thinking (or good enough quite frankly) to join our team of well paid advice columnist experts but on these pages that does not matter. None of the situations posed on these problem pages are from real clients, they have all been made up by our team of qualified advice columnist experts solely for fun.  When our clients have a decision, problems, question or worry to solve they send our team of advice

columnists a private mail they do not post on the site.  For one thing they want a qualified expert to give them advice and guidance, someone they can trust to get it right.  Want to join our team and help us to help them?  Go to the page relating to working for us as an advice columnist now.




Agony Aunt Questions



Problem is my Neighbours


Please agony aunt questions...When our new neighbours moved in next door they seemed nice enough but they hage been there about two years now and we are getting more and more fed up with them.  Most of the time they ignore us, which is fine, but their little boy is forever kicking his balls over our back fence and then ringing our front doorbell demanding we go out the back and throw it back again.  This sometimes happens five times in a day when I am in the middle of feeding the baby or having a bath or waxing my legs or rolling out pastry with my arms all covered in flour - in other words when it is very inconvenient.  My husband works as a writer and is often at home concentrating on an article when the bell goes and he is expected to jump up and throw the ball back. This not only eats into his working time but also stops his flow of thoughts and he then returns to his desk unable to concentrate. We have had a chat with the parents and they say sorry but it keeps happening.  Please help with advice columnist guidance and support.








How do I get into Modelling?


All of my life I have been longing to become a professional model who is featured in all of the top magazines and on the television, famous and rich with lots of stunning boyfriends and a handsome and doting husband. I know I am fit and have the right attitude of enjoying the good life and luxuries and wanting to be noticed but my pal says I have no chance simply because I am fifty nine years of age and a size twenty.  Surely she realises that it is not all about looks, personality and attitude matter more.  So I am going to send some photos to Cosmopolitan, She and some of the other leading magazines asking them how much they are wiling to pay me to do a photo shoot for them because I do not want them taking advantage of how keen I am by paying me peanuts.


Do you think I should demand that they pay me all of the fee upfront before the work starts or do you think I should get half first and the remainder on completion?  Should I ask them for £50,000 or as it is the first time should I let them pay say just £40,000 and charge the full price next time?