Age Gap Relationship

Age gap relationship by best online free advice columnist.     There are a lot of famous cases where the emphasis is put on how old they are and an age gap is frowned on.  We also tend to see it as something where the man is usually older than the woman and quite often the man is providing money, material possessions, financial security or gifts in return for "love" and sex.  He may want a trophy woman to show off when he goes out and she might want a sugar daddy who looks after her in return. But the age gap relationship is here to stay and are becoming more and more the norm and very popular both with males and females.   Fancy some no charge help just click here.


But there are also the relationship where one is older than the other where the the woman prefers a younger man because she wants a guy who is healthy, fit, fun, not old fashioned and not boring.   She is seeking this man out for fun and sex and is either not interested in or not needing a man for financial security, gifts and material security. She will be looking for the best man and not need to compromise. A woman who seeks out a younger man for fun and a relationship is often called a cougar and the man she seeks is often called a toy boy.  She is unlikely to want to marry him or even live with him or to want him when  he starts to lose hs looks or fitness!  It is a temporary thing to  her and when the man is older he loses his appeal. Any advice columnist, whether through a newspaper or online for free,  will tell you that most women want more than brawn in their men.


Some young men love the idea of dating an older woman. Some of them even lust after the idea of going with a very old woman and some prefer a chubby one, a wrinkly one, an ugly one, but they all seek out confidence and maturity in their women.   Where these men usually go wrong is in

forgetting that if the only thing they offer the woman is sex they are unlikely to get a mature, experienced, sexy, fussy older woman with confidence wanting such a relationship.  Yes the woman does want great sex and lots of if, but she also needs a guy who can have an intelligent chat with her, who takes her out and treats her properly. A relationship should be about both people people pleasing each other and being there for each other.


In some cases the younger man seeks a mummy figure and some even advertise on dating sites saying they want a mum!  Others ask for an aunty or a grandma and are only interested in a very big difference!  Others seek out a dominant woman who will make their decisions for them and boss them about.  But again, if all they offer is their willingless to allow her to  pleasure him she can do better than that because he is really wanting to use her to make him happy and many prostitutes would charge a lot  for just a few hours of this. We have the best free online message board which is ideal for you and anyone who is a budding agony aunt or hoping to be one the best advice columnist here for free online.


The best couples are based on two people who are both quite mature and experienced in life - despite their age and an age gap in the relationship- where the younger one has an old head on young shoulders and despite their diference in years they have a lot in common.  When one is very  young and the older at least 15 years older it is unlikely to last. Whereas if one is about 30 or older and the other 15 years older that has far more chance of working.    Just a few years between young people can be far more difficult than ten or more years with older people.  Scientists have said for years that females mature at a younger age than males so it used to be considered normal for the guy to be a bit older.  Now anything seems to go with not much thought given to whether or not it is wise or if it has any chance of being happy or lasting!  If it does last it is more by luck than by judgement.  It is probably best to work out approximately the age group that suits you best and then make sure that anyone you get involved with fits in with that.


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There are going to be good and bad about any differences just as there would be good and bad about finding someone who is the same.  A very  young person might shy away from taking care of an elderly person but an elderly person might also shy away from it. They may feel that they have enough problems already and if their health is good and they are fit and active they may well wonder why they would want to help another person who needs a nurse or  helper.  Someone who is ninety might shy away from a person who is eighty if the eighty year old is less fit and less healthy or in and out of hospital and the doctor's every five minutes.  I know a lady who is only fifty five yet she goes to her doctor on average once a week, she often goes to the hospital and her health (or lack of it) is all she ever talks about. She is the most boring person you can talk to as well as being one of the unhealthiest. She is never positive about anything and never good company. She never shows any concern for others and never shows any consideration for others. Someone who is older than her would find it difficult to be with her a lot.  It is not just the person's date of birth you should consider.  I know another lady who is ninety nine who is bubbly, lively, chatty, positive, friendly and caring.  You would think out of the two of them she is the younger one.


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