Advice Columnist

Advice Columnist- that person who is there for all to resolve all of their problems. In England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and

some other countries.  In the USA and Canada most would refer to them as an advice columnist. Either way they turn to them

for comfort,  help and support.


Contrary to popular belief it is not a female dominated role, there are some well known and very good males about who sell guidance to those in need. On the television there are some very popular programmes which are aired during popular times

and which have been running for a long time.   One of the very first was the Jerry Springer Show where Jerry would bring a touch of humour to the serious situations and problems that were presented and do his best to help some very naive and gullible people to find their way.  Many of the topics featured were rather odd or sensational, they had to be to catch the

public's eye and so that people would tune in, it was that type of programme.  It was not unusual to see a woman appearing

who was talking about her love for a boyfriend who pimped her out to other men and forced her to work for him, beat her

black and blue, sold her drugs yet insisted he loved her. Nor was it unusual to see someone who  was having affairs with

two or three members of the family at the same time, having sex with a girlfriend's mother or grandmother, lusting after her brother or some other very unusual and lustful situation.


In England the equivalent would be Jeremy Kyle where the people who appear are usually what would be called lower

class trailer trash, barely able to read and write, unemployed with drug, drink and work shy issues.  Jeremy tends to shout at

his victims ordering them about like a Sargeant Major in the army.


If you write to a newspaper or magazine for guidance you usually end up with what you think is a woman but do not be fooled.  You may think you are writing to the famous and special lady featured on the page you read, but the odds are that it ended up with one of her menial helpers that nobody has ever heard of and who is far cheaper. Do not assume that a celebrity can deal with or help with issues anyway, they are simply there as a way to lure punters in.  Most celebrities have very little idea of how

to cope with real problems, if they have loads of money and fame they do not know much about hardship or making difficult decisions!


Many think it is very easy to guide others - it is not believe me, not unless you have a good way with words, a very understanding attitude, are a great listener who really takes in what the other person says and mases of logic and common sense.  You cannot just tell a person who is lonely to go out and meet people or a person who is  ill to go to the doctor or a person with legal issues to go to the lawyer or solicitor, they can think of such obvious things themselves.


If you wish to get free and genuine online help with your issue you can read the many articles on this site whenever you wish.

If you would like to have a personal 1 2 1 consultation online with Charlotte Craig our head advisor or one of her expert helpers then go to the consultation page and consult them right now, they can help with any sort of problem.


The alternative is to write to a problem page in  a newspaper or magazine, which takes about a month.  Then you get a very quickly written reply which often ignores much of what you said, because they are snowed under by letters from people and can only spend a few minutes on each one, nor are they properly qualified as we are. We will give your problem the time and consideration and expertise it deserves and do it far quicker.  It is free of charge but it takes ages and the result is not up to much.


Advice Columnist